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According to the Department of Education it is widely recognised that a child’s emotional health and wellbeing influences their cognitive development and learning.


YogaBugs Virtual is a whole school approach

  • 120 Full length YogaBugs videos for P.E

  • Short classroom yoga sessions

  • Breathing techniques

  • Visualisations

  • Relaxation techniques

  • Mindfulness resources

  • Staff CPD mindfulness training

  • Staff health & well-being workshop

  • Staff yoga & relaxation

  • Parent access


What are the benefits to the staff & school?

  • Teachers will learn techniques to manage stress & anxiety

  • Teachers will learn mindfulness techniques to teach the children

  •  No yoga experience needed to run a class

  • PE assessment wheels allowing you to use the programme towards PE targets

  • An affordable & sustainable way to support children’s & staff mental health – it’s virtual, so we can make it much cheaper than a teacher coming in


What are the benefits to the children & school?

  • Children learn to manage their emotions – through mindfulness techniques

  • Improve listening skills and concentration – through balancing poses & visualisations

  • Build children’s self-esteem – through an all-inclusive, non-competitive activity

  • Improve children’s behaviour – through mindfulness techniques

  • Improve children’s balance, coordination & core strength – through a range of yoga poses

  • Children will feel calm & relaxed – through breathing, relaxation, and visualisations techniques

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