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Investing into children’s mental health and well-being

YogaBugs has been working in primary schools for over 20 years and in this time we have seen children’s mental health conditions increase hugely.​

With a staggering 1 in 6 children in primary school likely to have a mental health problem, we decided we need to do more to help and it was time to give back…​

At YogaBugs we are campaigning for change, we understand support is needed now and primary schools are not getting it from the government, this is why we have stepped in and are funding our platform for over 4,000 schools.


Over the next 12 months YogaBugs will implement £8 million worth of our online yoga and mindfulness programme into over 4,000 primary schools, across every LEA in England completely FREE.

Working with over 40 councils already, YogaBugs has begun to make a change in a short amount of time, with YogaBugs virtual being up and running in hundreds of primary schools already. These schools are seeing improvements in concentration, listening skills, behaviour & emotional regulation.

YogaBugs' campaign for change will support over 1million children and over 100,000 primary staff with their mental health and well-being; aiding early intervention and helping to reduce mental health problems.

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​We know this won’t solve the whole problem, but we are hoping it will make a significant impact, support early intervention and help to reduce mental health conditions amongst children and teenagers.  

YogaBugs will be working with every council across the country to implement this programme into their schools for FREE, consulting with the Directors of Education and Senior Leaders within primary schools and reporting back to the council to prove the following outcomes:

  • Improved knowledge of mental health for staff

  • Improved knowledge of coping strategies for children and staff

  • Decrease in anxiety amongst staff and children

  • Improved behaviour in children

  • Decrease in stress for staff


To get your school involved, contact Lisa or Zoe on 0121 77 77792 /

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